Planetary Society

The Planetary Society is a non-profit space organization, lead by Bill Nye, that empowers people to advance space science & exploration. With more than 50,000 members from over 100 countries, The Planetary Society has become one of the most influential non-profits in the global science community. Since its inception in 1980, TPS had primarily been building their membership through direct mail campaigns that targeted certain cities and states with strong ties to NASA.

Open Project

The Planetary Society engaged Fabrik to assist them on several fronts with their marketing: To expand their advertising efforts to the digital world; Acquire new membership through data-driven strategies; and, Build an online presence across various channels.

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To boost their memberships and donations

The Planetary Society came to us to implement a digital marketing campaign that could help boost their memberships and donations to infinite growth & beyond.

Facebook Campaign

Using the data sets that were developed based on The Planetary Society’s existing direct mail campaigns along with third party data, we split the client’s audience into 3 different categories. Based on the categories we came up with, our team began building out lookalike audiences to target via social media and across the web. To find the right content for each of our niche audience groups, we implemented a variety of A/B tests on creative and copy.

Within the first 3 months, our Facebook campaign doubled the number of memberships generated by the direct mail campaign, while maintaining the same budget.

OmniChannel Marketing

In order to maximize The Planetary Society’s (TPS) online presence, we also implemented an OmniChannel marketing strategy. Lead by data, our team guided TPS in selecting the most relevant content to deliver across platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. We were also able to use the Google grant TPS received to build and deploy a Google AdWords campaign, which helped optimize the client’s OmniChannel marketing strategy. Additionally, we implemented campaigns that were specifically built around major events in science & the organization’s founder, Bill Nye.

Marketing Results

  • Doubled organization’s membership growth compared to their existing campaigns
  • Cut CPA in half within the first 3 months of our Facebook Campaign
  • Targeted & retargeted unique prospects across multiple channels
  • Built out significant brand presence by delivering highly relevant & engaging content to niche audiences
  • Optimized conversions & response rates by launching real-time marketing campaigns based around large events and science celebrities

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